Song Lyrics : The Rumbling (TV Size) by SiM

The Rumbling (TV Size)
(from "Attack on Titan" soundtrack)

Rumbling, rumbling!
It's coming
Rumbling, rumbling!
Coming for you!

All I ever wanted to do was do right things
I never wanted to be the king, I swear!
All I ever wanted to do was save your life
I never wanted to grab a knife, I swear! (swear)

(I'm) tearless, (I'm) fearless!
(I'm) burning, (I'm) burning!
You tell me what have I missed?
Still wandering in the deep mist

If I lose it all, slip and fall
I will never look away
If I lose it all, lose it all, lose it all
If I lose it all outside the wall
Live to die another day
I don't want anything
I'm just here to...

(Rumbling, rumbling!
It's coming!
Rumbling, rumbling!)

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